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About Steiger Ukraine:

Steiger Ukraine is an interdenominational missionary organization, which is a part of an international organization known as Steiger International ( The tagline of the Steiger Ukraine ministry is: "My life - my mission."

The leaders of the ministry, Denis and Angelica Tkachenko, carry the message that you can be a missionary where you are, changing the world in your street, your city, your school, and your work.


Our mission is to motivate the young people of Ukraine to start and continue evangelistic work upon the base of the local church.


Our organization has several outreach methods:
1. Creative projects. We use art, music and other kinds of creativity to reach young people. Many of our projects are connected with creativity. We organize art cafes, art exhibitions, and art centers.

2. Youth on mission. Our goal is to activate young people to serve in the mission field. Currently in Ukraine, there are three Steiger teams - in Sumy, Zaporizhia and Dnipropetrovsk. The leaders of these teams regularly organize and conduct the musical street evangelism.


Our ministry leads numerous projects and activities including:
1. The National Youth Conference "Times of Refreshing" (held annually since 2006 in Sumy).
2. Youth Missionary School (held annually since 2007).
3. The evangelistic tours of the international rock band No Longer Music.
4. Art Cafe, Art Exhibition, and Art Center outreaches

We believe that creative projects are an evangelistic tool and achievement of our Ukrainian youth.

The history

  • 2005

    The birth of an idea

    The youth team of the Ark Church decided to go "beyond the walls" of their church and spread the Good News to all of Ukraine. They were determined to unite youth from other cities and work together to carry the Gospel and the fire of God. With their decision and determination, the dream to create the Ukrainian Youth Conference was born.

  • 2006


    In November 2006, the first All-Ukrainian Youth Conference, "Times of Refreshing," was held. The name of the conference was intentional. Refreshing can be received only in the presence of God, and this was the main desire and dream of the conference’s founders.

  • 2007-2008

    Steiger Conf, guest Tommie Zito

    At the second conference, the main speaker was the evangelist from the United States, Tomi Zito. Tomi inspired young people to go out and preach the Gospel with simple words, sharing their testimony with random passers-by. It was an incredible time for all participants.

  • 2010

    Steiger Conf, GUEST DAVID PEARCE

    2010 can be considered the starting point of radical, missionary vision. For the first time at the conference, missionary David Pierce raises topics such as radical missionaries, prophetic worship, and the achievement of youth by non-standard methods.

  • 2011

    School for youth leaders. Steiger Conf-2011. NO LONGER MUSIC TOUR. GUEST TONY SUTHERLAND

    In addition to the Youth Leader School in the spring and Conference in November, there was the first tour of the rock band No Longer Music and the first team of guys from Ukraine went to study at Steiger missionary school in Germany. The Steiger Ukraine team was organized. Guest Tony Sutherland served in prophetic worship.

  • 2012

    Steiger Conf "Unplugged"

    24 hours of prayer and worship, a 24-hour search for God. The main message of the conference was this: " Nowadays, knowing God personally - is crucial. Only those who know His voice and have His values come out of any situation as winners."

  • 2013

    Steiger Conf-2013

    The seventh all-Ukrainian Youth Conference. The message of the conference is: My life - my mission. Speakers from Ukraine, Russia and the United States encouraged young people to be witnesses of Jesus in the city. They spoke about the importance of making evangelism a daily activity, but also being willing to go to the ends of the Earth, if the Lord calls.

  • 2014

    Steiger Conf-2014

    The main message of the conference was this: "We believe that the Lord has given each of us lots of gifts and talents in order to influence this world. After all, my life - my mission. "

  • 2015


    Youth Conference. The topic of the conference was the BREAKTHROUGH.

  • Missionary Youth School





Projects by Steiger Ukraine:


Sergey Nezabudkin media department
Nezabudkina Alena content department
Shatkaya Dasha publishing department
Senik Oksana Project Manager of Art Place (Sumy)
Tanya Narushina Project Manager of Other Side (Zaporozhye)
Serezitinov Kolya Head of Community House (Kiev)
Tanya Serezitinova Head of Community House (Kiev)



Here is what people have to say about Steiger Ukraine

Nastya Senik

I wanted to go to the Radical Mission Steiger School (Germany), but I did not fully understand what this school was for.
In general, the name of the school says it all: Radical Mission Steiger School.
Radical ...
It is really a radical school. It changes you and your thinking about everything. You receive stunning yet simple revelations about God, His people and yourself. He reveals Himself to you in unusual way and He has a unique way to each person. I remember we had a seeking God time and I went to the field and sat down under a tree. from where I sat, I saw an amazing view and I said to God,” That's great! You have created all this!” He answered me: "I love all that I have created, but I made you better than it all; you are very dear to me!” To you it may seem trival, but it was exactly what I needed to hear in that moment. So get ready. During your time in the Mission School, the Lord is going to radically change your perceptions about Him and about yourself.
Missionary ...
Before the SMS, I had some ideas of what missionaries did. I thought that missionaries were the people who help the poor, hungry people in Africa. But it is not so .
The Lord revealed the truth to me through a picture…from a children’s book. In the picture, there is a small guy, a tourist in a multicolored cap with a backpack behind his back. The sun is shining, he is smiling, and he is traveling down a narrow path. On the path, there is green grass and butterflies around mhim and the man has a small radio. When I was first moved by this picture, I thought, “Oh, no ...I am going crazy... pictures from a children's book?! Then the Lord explained everything to me. The guy is constantly on the move, he does not sit still. There is nothing to hold on him, because he has everything he needs in his backpack. In his hands, he carries only a radio receiver - it represents his obedient heart that is sensitive to God and tuned to the God radio wave. The guy smiles because it makes God happy (even though at times it is very difficult to go up the hill) and he goes along the narrow path that the Lord has prepared for him. This is a true missionary.
This school will be a good foundation for your future service to God. The Lord will teach you a lot, especially in terms of practical application, if you open your heart.Get ready to write down. Walk with a pen and a notebook everywhere, because God can speak to you spontaneously ... well, at least He did to me. He has his approach to each person.

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Denis Logvinov

- Vanity, which is a natural phenomenon in the big cities, completely filled and consumed my life. It was difficult to leave it, because I'm used to this state, when everything is going according to plan and you are working towards your goals.
The work that God has given me and the ministry in the worship band used to occupy all of my time. I have always done it at a high level for the King, and I was sure that I was doing everything right.
What I didn’t realize, however, was that sometimes I am running ahead of God and do not give Him the opportunity to do His work through me.
All I did was empty, because there was no focus on building personal relationship with Him.
My decision to go to Steiger School was very spontaneous, I can say that I grew hysterical, likely due to the sheer lack of the spirit of God in my life. I was sure that Steiger School would help me; it was the perfect place where I could learn to devote time to prayer and to meditate on His Word. To get there, I had to give up everything I had. I trusted Him, and put everything in His hands. Now, after finishing the school, I do not regret anything. God used that time to reorganize my priorities and showed me how important it was, wherever I was, whatever I was doing, to put a personal relationship with Him in first place. And then the Holy Spirit will work through me, not through my human feelings or compassion, but through the Holy Spirit who speaks to others about the love of Jesus and the Cross through me.

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Margarita Antonets

Steiger Radical Mission School is a school which really changed my Christian life.
After all, God was preparing something special for each of the students there. Therefore, each of us has our own experiences, and here are some of mine:
1) It was hard for me to leave my team. I serve for youth in the church and sometimes suffer from the syndrome of "mommy-hen." To leave my guys for the whole summer seemed to me something unthinkable ... But in this I was learning to TRUST GOD! So if you are a server and you worry about your "spiritual children", then learn to trust in God ... it all depends only on Him!
2) Sometimes it seems that we are almost "perfect" :) I felt this way about myself until I got to the mission school. New situation ... a new environment ... and God reveals your faults! And it's so great, because you might not notice them at all otherwise.
3) I was in need of personal ministry. Sometimes we give, give, give... worry about others ... and forget that we need to receive from God and people. As a result, we become empty and it exhausts us. In this school, you will have a personal tutor! And you can always talk to him, he will pray for you constantly and he will be asking about your revelations and plans after the missionary school. I did not have this enough before and I am so grateful for this time at school.
4) Personal time with God. This is what we all seem to be lacking. One day a week, the school is scheduled as the day that you dedicate to God, you pray, read the Bible, fast ... if you do not know how to devote the entire day to God, it is OK, you will learn there how :)
5) How to use more actively your gifts and talents and creativity in evangelism. I like what we have seen about how it works in Europe. Participation in the Christian festivals is a really great experience, even if you are helping in the kitchen or painting the walls. Workshops on chess or wrestling - those can be tools of high quality. It’s important to discover what motivate you to do this.
6) The concept of global Christianity. The issue of intercultural differences and how to preach the Gospel in different countries and to different people - this is what you will understand and learn at this school. Discovering how to work in a team with people from different cultures is an incredible experience and challenge. It helps us to get rid of man-made "religious framework" and focus on the truth of the Gospel.
7) And then what? After graduation, God showed me the next steps ... For example, one of them was a missionary trip to Turkey this winter ... but that's another story :)
I’ve written a lot here, but my story is just beginning.

So, if you want to go: pray ... and make a decision :) Do not forget that there will be a price (finances, time, circumstances ...) and be obedient to God!

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Andrey Bolotuk

In 2011, I was at a “Times of Refreshing” conference. In 2012, I studied at the Steiger school in Sumy. It greaely influenced my life, and for the first time I began to spend time with God. After this school, I realized that I have a calling to minister to the youth of my city, but it was not so simple! At the time, I could not find a like-minded people in my city. In 2013, I went Steiger Radical Mission School.

After school, I received a lot of revelations and saw a lot of interesting methods of preaching the Gospel. So many personal revelations were received during the time of seeking God on Fridays. My life has reached a new level in relationship with God. In the 8 months after graduation, God gave me a team to start doing evangelistic outreach. The team started with 5 people and has grown to a group of 10. I am now part of a team that serves the youth of our city. Amen!

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